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Saruta Cave Caving

Saruda-do Cavern is said to have been trained by Mehei Kusaka, who was Ninja in Edo period. You can experience a thrilling cave exploration by crawling and climbing inside. Many people say, "It's the first time It's been so dark!" Why don't you close your eyes and experience Mohei‘s training for a while? Participation qualifications are those who have the physical strength and courage of elementary school students and above!



Capacity8 people (Minimum number of participants: 2 people)

*Consultation required for groups of 9 or more

*Additional charge for 1 person (6,000Yen tax included)

Experience timeabout 2.5 hours

Reservation slot①From 9:00 ②From 13:00

*Meet at the reception 10 minutes before the start time

*In the case of group reception, the start time is negotiable

Reception place:Village Information Center Hidaka (1478-9 Hongo, Hidaka Village)​

Experience location:​Saruta-dong

*Move from the reception place by customer's car

※If you come by train, etc., please consult us.


price4,000 yen/person (tax included)

*Includes guide fee, insurance fee, helmet with light, work gloves, tea and sweets, and entrance fee to the local museum

★For Ryoma Passport (privilege: village station Hidaka discount ticket)

★ Reservation required (until 12:00 3 days before)

★Parent-child discount available (2,000 yen discount for elementary school students per adult)​




[Precautions/points to keep in mind]

* Cancellations must be made by 12:00 noon the day before. After that, 100% cancellation fee will be charged. (Excluding bad weather)

*Please note that cancellation may occur after the reservation is confirmed due to bad weather.

*In the unlikely event that an accident or injury occurs during the experience participation, we will correspond with the insurance of this association. Please note that there is no guarantee outside the scope of insurance. It is not applicable while moving from the reception place to the experience place. (*Please feel free to contact the tourism association staff for details of insurance contents such as insurance amount and payment conditions)

​Cave goods rental (rental only)

①Helmet with light  300 yen

② 1 point above + work gloves 500 yen

③ 2 points above + boots 800 yen

④ Above 3 points + jacket  1,000 yen

*On weekdays, reservations must be made by the day before. Immediate rental is possible on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

*Priority is given to customers on the guided tour, so there may be days when it is not available.

*The number is limited. We can guarantee it if you book in advance.

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