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[​ Tourist attractions in Hidaka Village]


Nagoya subsidence bridge

Hidaka Village Nagoya

A subsidence bridge over Hidaka Village and Toino Town. Among the subsidence bridges over the Niyodo River main stream, it is the closest to Kochi City and the longest. It is used as a daily life road that is indispensable for the lives of the residents.


Mount Otaki

Nine Hidaka Village

It is a small mountain with an altitude of 247m located southwest of Kusaka Reservoir, and is visited by people who enjoy leisurely hiking. It is said that En no Gyoja, the founder of Shugendo, founded the mountain, and many Shugen practitioners once trained here.


Komura Shrine

Lower part of Hidaka Village

A shrine with a history of more than 1400 years, which is positioned as the second shrine of Tosa Province. It is a popular power spot where it is said that if you hold a cedar tree leaf on the grounds as a talisman, your love luck and financial luck will increase.


Geumsan Park

Daika, Hidaka Village

The serpentinite zone of Nishikiyama in Notsu district. In autumn, the red leaves of the enkianthus azalea turn the mountain into a brocade, hence the name ``Kinzan''. The park has an observatory, a promenade, an open space, toilets, and more.


Village Station Hidaka

Hidaka Village Hongo

There are many agricultural products and handicrafts, including specialty tomatoes. In addition, lunch boxes and side dishes are also available. There are two restaurant tenants in the store that participate in the Omurice Highway.


Hidaka Sake Brewery Hall

​Hidaka Village Hongo

​Former Matsuoka brewery. The 120-year-old building is culturally valuable and has been renovated as a hall to preserve it for future generations. It is widely used for events such as Hinamatsuri and concerts.

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