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Preaching experience

-Consulting about life with a monk-

Do you want to talk to the chief priest who is good at snuggling up to you? Listening to the small path of life and the valuable teachings of Buddha may lighten your heart. I will give you a sermon that suits you, such as the worries of human relationships and the dreams you want to fulfill while living in modern society. I will also tell you about Buddhism in an easy-to-understand manner.


Capacity4 people (minimum number of participants: 1)

Experience timeabout 30 minutes

Reservation slot①From 9:00 ②From 11:00 ③From 14:00 ④From 19:00
*No tours are held on Sundays and public holidays.

*Please come to the reception desk 15 minutes before the reservation time.
*Some days may not be held due to the circumstances of the chief priest.

Reception place:Village Information Center Hidaka (1478-9 Hongo, Hidaka Village)​

Experience location: Gokokuji Temple(291 Kuzu, Hidaka Village)

*Move from the reception place by customer's car

※If you come by train, etc., please consult us.


price1,000 yen/person (tax included)

*Consultation fee, insurance fee, tea and refreshments fee included

★For Ryoma Passport (privilege: village station Hidaka discount ticket)

★ Reservation required (until 12:00 two days before)



[Precautions/points to keep in mind]

*Cancellations must be made by 12:00 noon the day before. After that, 100% cancellation fee will be charged. (Excluding bad weather)

*After checking in at Hidaka Village Information Center, please drive to Gokokuji Temple. (If you come by public transportation, please consult us in advance)

*Since this experience is conducted by an active chief priest, cancellations may occur after the reservation is confirmed due to sudden Buddhist memorial services or events. Please note.

*In the unlikely event that an accident or injury occurs during the experience participation, we will correspond with the insurance of this association. Please note that there is no guarantee outside the scope of insurance. It is not covered by insurance while traveling by car. (*Please feel free to contact the tourism association staff for details of insurance contents such as insurance amount and payment conditions)

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