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Private Spiritual Hike in Hidakamura with Mountain Monks

This activity is not flashy but you may be able to feel your mind through keep walking in the forest and the village. you can see Japanese countryside landscape or may meet local people during the walk. A real monk will give you preaching or buddha story one the way.This activity may help you to escape from ordinary days and look back at yourself.Japanese style vegan lunch box is included!

Activity detail

Shugendo is one of the ancient Japanese religions.The main purpose of Shugendo is to give others the awareness and learning gained through the five senses in nature.You can experience footsteps of the Shugendo practice through this activity.A real monk will be a main guide and keep walking in total 12 kilometers (8 kilometers for short version).

This activity starts at the Hidakamura Tourist Information Center and walk through Kusaka River Overflow Pond where is a huge area of wetland. At the Gokokuji temple where the monk belongs to, you will take a rest and see the Buddha statues. start climbing at Mt. Otaki where mountain monks used to practice.The monk guide will give you some words of the Buddha and Shugendo on the way.You may listen sounds of conch musical instrument playing by the monk.Please enjoy Japanese style Vegan lunch box at the top of the mountain. Why don't you really think about yourself through the trekking?


You will walk back to starting point, Hidakamura Tourist Information Center.​


Full version (hiking and caving)

  21,000 yen for one participant

  16,000 yen for 2 to 4 participants

Short version(hiking only)

  14,500 yen for one participant

  10,000 yen for 2 to 4 participants

 *Includes guiding, activity insurance, a vegan lunch box, gloves, and coffee/tea and sweets and a helmet with a light (a helmet is for full version only)

*Please consult if you require more than 5 participants

*Please bring a bagpack to bring your lunch box.

*Covered shoes and clothes that are comfortable to move around in, are recommended.

Activity time

Full version    9:00 to 17:00 (8 hours in total)

Short version 9:00 to 14:00 (5 hours in total)


*Arriving time may change depending on the walking pace of participants.

Check-in points

Hidakamura Tourist Information Center


781-2153 Kochi, Takaoka District, Hidaka, Hongō, 1478-9


*Hidakamura Tourist Information Center locates in the area of farmer's market "Mura no Eki HIDAKA". The nearest train station is Okabana station on the JR Tosan line where is 5 minutes walk to the information center. It takes about 35minutes from Kochi station by local train.


Book the activity day before 3days.


*The main guide is a real monk. He has his main job as a monk. We may decline your request day if he has his work on your request day.

[Regarding the resumption of experience-based tourism at the Hidaka Village Tourism Association]

For the time being, we have decided to accept the application conditions such as tourism discounts in Kochi Prefecture.

Conditions: "Being vaccinated twice or more" or "Being negative according to the test result notification"

[Precautions/points to keep in mind]

​ * Elementary and junior high school students cannot participate. Please be accompanied by a guardian.

*Cancellations must be made by 12:00 noon the day before. After that, 100% cancellation fee will be charged. (Excluding bad weather)

*Since the guide for this experience is an active chief priest, cancellations may occur after the reservation is confirmed due to sudden Buddhist memorial services or events. Please note.

*Bento, tea, helmet, and work gloves will be handed out at reception, so please pack them in your own rucksack and bring them with you.

*The total distance is 12km, including steep mountain roads and asphalt paved roads. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

* Although it will be held in light rain, the experience may be canceled or omitted due to bad weather. In that case, we will refund the amount after deducting the expenses incurred so far.

* Even after the experience has started, the experience may be canceled if the guide sees the walking conditions of the participants on the way and determines that it is difficult to carry out.

In that case, please note that the trial fee will not be refunded.

*In the unlikely event that an accident or injury occurs during the experience participation, we will correspond with the insurance of this association. Please note that there is no guarantee outside the scope of insurance. (*Please feel free to contact the tourism association staff for details of insurance contents such as insurance amount and payment conditions)

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