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Hidaka Village Digital Community Currency “Tomapo”
とまぽ正面_アートボード 1.png
とまぽ横並び_アートボード 1.png
​What is “Tomapo”?

"Tomapo" is a nickname for the digital currency (electronic currency) issued by Hidaka Village, and you can use a smartphone app when shopping, eating, and drinking in the village, and you can make a payment with 1 point = 1 yen. It was named "Tomapo" by combining Hidaka Village's specialty tomatoes and points.

​ How do you save "Tomapo"?

Currently, "Tomapo" is issued "digitalization promotion campaign (corona benefits) points", "smartphone purchase campaign points", "introduction campaign points", etc. Both are issued only for Hidaka villagers, but we are considering expanding them in the future.

Click here for ​point details (P8)

​ "Tomapo" official character

In order to raise the awareness of users (villages), we have created a familiar character "Tomapo" with a tomato motif. This character can be freely used by member stores (requires application).

Hidaka Village Community Currency Official Character “Tomapo”

Production: Mr. Murakami of the Community Revitalization Cooperation Corps (affiliated with general incorporated association nosson)

とまぽ横並び_アートボード 1.png

​©︎ Hidaka Village Tourism Association

​Regarding community currency points and campaigns

Hidaka Village Office Planning Division

61-1 Hongo, Hidaka Village

TEL 0889-24-5126


Things related to usage and participating stores

Hidaka Village Tourism Association

1478-9 Hongo, Hidaka Village

TEL 050-3204-1996


Hidaka Village recommends using the following apps
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