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Would you like to enjoy a luxurious 50 minutes?

Every day, work, housework, raising children...

If you are working hard, we would love for you to try this out.

50 minutes of doing nothing and being in nature.


The river is clear


I was born in the downtown area of Tokyo. Rivers are very familiar to me, and they are a part of my everyday life.

The river certainly existed.

Although a river surrounded by buildings certainly makes for a beautiful landscape, it is not something to enjoy in itself. When I first saw the clear Niyodo River, I was deeply moved.


Fish and waterfowl coexist here, and because the water is so clear, even the riverbed looks clean. For those who were born and raised in the Niyodo River basin, this is a normal sight, but for me, it was a shock because I was used to seeing a muddy river.

[Spots to enjoy the Niyodo River]

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of sightseeing spots in the Niyodo River is

Where is it?

When my friend who lives in the Kanto region came to Kochi for the first time,

"There's a place called Nikobuchi where the river looks blue, right?"

I'm sure that many of you would also recommend Nikobuchi as a tourist spot along the Niyodo River. Indeed, there are several spots where you can experience the beauty of the Niyodo River, such as Nikobuchi in Ino Town and Nakatsu Valley in Niyodogawa Town.

However, for those of you who are tired everyday

"50 minutes where you don't have to do anything."

I hope you can experience that.

Time to enjoy the Niyodo River while doing nothing.

If you are interested, please come and join us on the Yakatabune Niyodogawa.

Please come.

Yakatabune Niyodogawa is the only company that operates Yakatabune on the Niyodo River.

Because you can experience the beauty of the river up close,

And it has been well received by overseas tourists.


Couples, families, friends, of course

Even if you're alone!!


Once inside the houseboat, there's no need to explore on foot; you can simply sit back and enjoy the view.

You can do nothing for 50 minutes and just focus on being in nature. Please enjoy this luxurious time.


Article Author

Yumi Otsuka

Hidaka Village Regional Revitalization Cooperation Volunteer, Houseboat Niyodogawa, Notsu Mart

A Tokyo native who loves Kochi.

Inspired by the history of the late Edo period, I often traveled alone to Kochi since my student days.







Yakatabune Niyodogawa Official Website


Houseboat Niyodogawa Instagram

★We are open every day except for the New Year holidays. The opening hours are greatly affected by the weather and the river conditions.

We recommend that you check the operation status before your visit. We also accept reservations for boarding on the day.


*The beauty of the river may be cloudy depending on the river conditions.

The schedule is greatly affected by weather such as dam releases and heavy rain, so please check before boarding.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.


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